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About Our Jet Turbine Dryers

Rain, drizzle, cold and even a little morning dew can leave you more than a day late... and much more than a dollar short.

The Turbine Group's Turbo Heater/Dryer is the only heater/dryer designed exclusively for the asphalt and construction industries.

Instead of waiting for surfaces to dry naturally, this unit can have you back to work in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks, even in tough weather situations.

The Turbo Heater Dryer is a secret weapon race track operators have used for years- and now contractors around the world are using it to outdistance the competition year-round.

Turbo Heater/Dryer is user-friendly, just press the start button. Its easy to maintain, and will keep running virtually maintenance free. Plus, we can train an operator in about a half an hour.

Our unparalleled experience with turbine engines means that nobody can diagnose problems or offer over-the-phone technical expertise like we can. Nobody can match our engine and spare parts inventory. And nobody has conducted the amount of research and testing that we have. In fact, no one comes close.

Jet-Powered Heater Dries With Up to 20 Million BTHUs.

The Akron Turbine Group will Custom Build for your Application.


  • Save Time and Save Money
  • Heating and drying asphalt surfaces
  • Blowing water out of puddles
  • Removing snow and ice
  • Warming surfaces in low lying areas
  • Drying dirt, clay and other shoulder materials
  • Breaking tack when temperatures are near the dew point
  • Heating pavement to prepare for stripping

Our Dryers Are Available For Purchase Or Rental

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