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Keep Tracks Dry and Clean

Don't let unexpected rain or accident clean-up postpone your track event. Jet-powered track dryers from The Akron Turbine Group remove wetness, moisture and debris on a track in minutes... getting a race going before you lose money, time or fans.

The Akron Turbine Group's Turbo Heater / Dryer is the only heater / dryer designed exclusively for the asphalt and construction industries.

Instead of waiting for surfaces to dry naturally, this unit can have you back to work in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks, even in tough weather situations.

The Turbo Heater Dryer is a secret weapon race track operators have used for years- and now contractors around the world are using it to out distance the competition year-round.

The Akron Turbine Group's jet dryers allow for track use on days when it would usually be impossible:

  • Perfect for both race and corporate test tracks
  • Heats and dries track surfaces
  • Cleans debris from the track
  • User-friendly, low-maintenance design
  • Special dryers can be designed for unique applications
  • Unmatched parts inventory and expert 24-hour technical support
  • Newly designed cold air blower for weepers and for use near safer barriers
  • Up to four dryers available for rent per race.

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Our Dryers Are Available For Purchase Or Rental

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